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BENIN, land of hospitality and cultural diversity

Benin, in its entirety is a reserve of rich and varied tourist potentialities from North to South and from East to West, all crowned by a cultural diversity of big bill. The natural landscape it gives to the adventurous of Africa is of a unique and exceptional beauty.

There are navigable waterways and the lacustrine civilization of Ganvié, the Venice of Africa.

Cities like Ouidah, Abomey, Porto-Novo, Grand Popo, Nikki are natural testimonies of this historical richness and a peaceful syncretism.

Ouidah, characterized by a cultural mix of diverse horizons symbolizes also the historic Slave Route, the mysterious Forest of Kpassè and the religious tolerance that is the coexistence of the ‘’Notre-Dame’’ Basilica and the Python Temple.

The Fishing Route, about forty kilometers long, is naturally a real tourist site with several spaces for leisure. A large seaside resort will soon be built.

Porto-Novo, the political capital, the city of Aïnonvi, resplendent with its museums, palaces, Egoungoun (returning) and Zangbéto (night watchman) all bathed in a Brazilian architecture. The famous Guèlèdè recognized as UNESCO World Heritage animates the Central Plateau.

Abomey, city of the Amazons, remains the backbone of the civilization of the kingdom of Danxomè. It displays its originality of great world value such as the historical museum and the concession of the former royal palaces classified World Heritage of UNESCO.

‘La Boca del Rio’ in Grand Popo, known as ‘Bouche du Roy’ is the magical spectacle offered by the Mono River that flows into the sea at its mouth.

In North-East Benin, dominates the civilization Baatonu marked by a regional festival, the Ganni based in Nikki place of a beautiful spectacle of the horses handled by the princes.

The beautiful market of Malanville along the Niger River does not forget the National Park W where many species of fauna and flora abound.

The North West, a splendor of natural beauty, a region of Safari with hotels in the center of the biosphere reserve, one of the richest wildlife parks in the sub-region, the Park Pendjari. An eco-tourist center naturally well filled. Three “big five” are easily met, namely the lion, the buffalo, the elephant and a large variety of animals.

The Tata Somba Hotel offers a great luxury that makes you think of a dream. Not far from there, the typical dwellings called: Tata Somba name which the hotel inherited.

For a natural bath, the falls of Tanougou offer you their freshness of mountain.

Taneka-Koko welcomes you with its natural swimming pool, its beautiful relief and its round huts, the Decora.

All this confirms that Benin is a real TOURIST POOL.

While waiting for your next stay in this land full of warm hospitality, which will certainly leave you with the best memories and the desire to return, The Company LMS in collaboration with its partners is at your disposal.


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