Language and Marketing Services (LMS) is a limited liability company based in Benin. It is among the best companies providing translation and interpretation services in Africa. Founded only in 2016, LMS is already well known for its reliability and excellent services. This is mainly due to its dedicated and qualified staff and partners.

Its priority has always been to meet the needs of the market, and the demands of its customers, which it strives to meet by all means.

Unlike other translation and interpretation services companies in Africa, LMS’s strength lies in the variety of languages ​​it offers and its expertise on the one hand, and its collaboration with several Beninese and international experts and organizations. on the other hand. As a result, LMS offers a wide range of services to many national and international organizations. Some of them are the World Customs Organization, Supapesa International (based in South Africa), Medical Care Development International Benin, MOOV AFRICA BENIN, the International Civil Aviation Organization, MTN BENIN and many others .

LMS offers various services through its linguistic, marketing, commercial and educational units.

  • Training in English / French (Individuals and companies)
  • Translation and Interpretation (certified or not)
  • Document proofreading
  • Localization


LMS MARKETING is the LMS department in charge of marketing / communication services. The services offered by this department are:

  • Digital marketing
  • Web development and SEO
  • Drafting of communication or business plan
  • Sales


LMS BUSINESS is in charge of the following services:

-Rental of vehicles and simultaneous interpretation equipment
– Business Plan Drafting
– Project / Conference Management in West Africa
– Assistance with business creation in West Africa


LMS EDUC / VISA is the department responsible for education-related services through which LMS offers the following services:

-Assistance with admission to university / study abroad;
– Student visa assistance;
– Personal / professional development coaching.

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