Target countries: Benin, Burkina-Faso, Niger and Guinea-Conakry

 We are looking for a reliable importer, with good facilities and a proven distribution network.

 Manufacturing company:  An Indian-based Company producing a range of products including Soluble Coffee mainly, and other types of Coffee, Tea, Instant Fruit Drinks, Flavoured Soda, Biscuits, etc.


The manufacturer commits himself to invest back 5 % of the sales turnover into Brand promotion activities for a maximum of six months to make the products known to local consumers.

An importer can start with a 20 feet container, just to check the market.


1-Exclusive right for importation of a particular product will be given to a single importer, unless the market size demands for two or more importers.

2-The importing company should be a fully registered company with all licenses as per the law of the country where it operates. In all cases, the manufacturer with his lawyers, will make sure the importing company meets the required conditions.

3-A Marketing and a Brand promotion Specialist will be appointed and will work hand in hand with both the manufacturer and the importer for a better marketing and promotion of the brand and the products.

Feel free to leave us a comment if you are interested in this business opportunity or have questions; alternatively, you can send an email to with in copy.

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