3min33s with Coach Djomaki

Welcome to my stress-free world where everything is stress-free. You are of course on 3min33s with Coach Djomaki. Today, we are going to quickly introduce you to 3min33s with Coach Djomaki. For those who do not know me, I am Albéric Djomaki, CEO of LMS or Language and Marketing Services, a company based in Cotonou (Republic of Benin) since 2016 and a Value Partner of CMTPL, an award winning Technology Consulting, Branding & Digital Marketing Company working for Fortune 500 Companies worldwide.

3min33s with Coach Djomaki is a free online information program offered by LMS and Coach Djomaki through their social programs LMS Assistance and Coach Djomaki Assistance. 3min33s with Coach Djomaki includes the following six sections:



2-Digital Marketing/Communication

3-Business in Africa

4-Study abroad

5-Carefree Entrepreneurship

6-Carefree Living


3min33s with Coach Djomaki is presented in the form of videos in French and English, the transcription of which is available, published on various social networks and on the LMS website. Each week, you will be entitled to two sections (French and English) and will have the choice between the video version and the text version. Publications will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The other days will be used to answer various questions or concerns left in comments or sent by email or inbox.

Why follow 3min33s with Coach Djomaki?

Coach Djomaki has a perfect command of the various topics covered and remains a very good adviser. In fact, Coach Djomaki has been married since 2007 and blessed with two children. He has been a Professional Translator (English-French) and an English Communication Trainer since 2002, and an Entrepreneur since 2011.

Therefore, stay tuned and feel free to send us your comments or suggestions regarding the program. In addition, we remain open to any supports or partnerships that would allow us to improve the program and really contribute to a better world.

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I hope to see you next time in good shape and stress-free for the number 1 of 3 min33s with Coach Djomaki.

Thank you for your attention. Remain blessed!

To the Lord God be all the glory!

Bye Bye!

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