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LMS LANG is the Language-related services Unit of LMS. Therefore, all articles in this category will be related to the various LMS LANG services including:

English/French Training Programmes. They are offered both online and onsite in Benin Republic or in Ghana. In addition, they can take the form of an ordinary or intensive training. Furthermore, they can be carried out as a group or a one on one customized training);
Translation of Legal, Business, Medical, IT, and official documents such as Certificates, Degrees, Bank Statements, and Transcripts;
The translation of websites from a language to another;
Audiovisual Translation including Dubbing and Subtitling. On the one hand, dubbing is simply the process of translating foreign-language films into the audience’s language. On the other hand, subtitling is the translation of foreign language dialogue shown at the bottom of the screen in a film or a television programme;
Voice-over which is a production technique. A voice which is not part of the narrative is read from a script and may be spoken by someone who appears elsewhere in the production.
Interpretation (LMS offers different types of interpretation including Consecutive Interpretation, Simultaneous interpretation, Chuchotage, Liaison, On phone Interpretation both remotely or on site);
MTPE which actually stands for Machine Translation Post Editing, and also known as automated translation. It is a process through which a translation is beforehand entirely carried out by a computer using Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and later on revised by an expert to make the work faster.
English/French documents review ;
English/French Immersion Programmes for kids and adults. On the one hand, the English immersion takes place in Ghana, in South Africa, or in the UK. On the other hand, the French immersion takes place in Benin Republic, in Côte d’Ivoire, or in France.


Conference Interpretation in Benin Republic

l'interprétation de conférence | Conference Interpretation in Benin Republic | l'interprétation de conférence en République du Bénin

Conference Interpretation in Benin Republic Welcome to our comprehensive guide on conference interpretation in the vibrant country of Benin Republic. As experts in the field of language services, we aim to provide you with all the essential information about conference…

Audio Translation: Exploring its Benefits and Costs

Understanding the Benefits and Costs of Audio Translation | Traduction audio : exploration de ses avantages et ses coûts

Understanding the Benefits and Costs of Audio Translation In an increasingly interconnected world, effective communication across languages and cultures is crucial. While written translation has long been a common practice, audio translation has gained significant popularity, enabling seamless understanding and…

Translation versus Interpretation

Translation versus Interpretation

Translation versus Interpretation In order to give your company visibility on a global scale, you need to communicate in more than one language. This allows you to connect with both those who understand your native language and speakers of other…

Why should we learn a foreign language

why should we learn a foreign language | LMS

Why should we learn a foreign language Nowadays, it’s necessary to learn a foreign language because of the process of globalization. Economic, diplomatic, cultural and commercial exchanges are strengthening around the world. Therefore, multilingualism is becoming an increasingly important skill.…

Languages spoken in Benin Republic

LMS lang

Languages spoken in Benin Republic Benin is a West African country that counts about 8.7 million inhabitants according to the INSAE census in 2010. This population is unevenly distributed over the country’s 112,622 km² area. It is made up of…

3min33s With Coach Djomaki

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ACCRA ENGLISH SPEAKING ACADEMY 2021 avec Bourse d’étude Trois mois de formation intensive pratique en anglais à Accra (Ghana) avec bain linguistique sanctionnée par la délivrance d’une attestation de fin de formation par LMS ( Nombre de places disponibles: 10…

Learning English with LMS

  English training programs at LMS At LMS, our English communication courses are rather focused on practice than theory. In fact, oral communication is the base of LMS’s training method which mainly includes audiovisual materials for learners and internet research.…

Introduction_ Health

Dear friend, Thank you for choosing to start this journey with me. You might ask yourself what the main reason behind this program is, right? In fact, facing many life challenges, I decided to discover what life really is, what…


Internet search engines are the primary tools used to find information online. To be able to take full advantage of them, you must first understand how they work and know how to use them quickly and efficiently.   Keywords Search…