Why should we learn a foreign language

Why should we learn a foreign language | Pourquoi devrions-nous apprendre une langue étrangère ?

Nowadays, it’s necessary to learn a foreign language because of the process of globalization. Economic, diplomatic, cultural and commercial exchanges are strengthening around the world. Therefore, multilingualism is becoming an increasingly important skill. How many languages do you speak? One, two or three? Here are the reasons why you should start learning a foreign language.


Professional asset

Learn a foreign language | apprendre une langue étrangère

Language skills enhance employability in many domains. Indeed, one of the selection criteria for recruitment is the level of foreign language skills. For example, if you speak at least English, you are much more likely to work for a multinational company.

In addition, a good proficiency in two or three foreign languages will allow you to have interesting career prospects. In companies, the most lucrative positions are highly responsible and often require collaboration with international business partners. Thus, language skills are an undeniable asset for promotion within a company. In addition, it allows you to consider one-off assignments or other careers abroad.


Getting to know foreign cultures

Why should we learn a foreign language | Pourquoi devrions-nous apprendre une langue étrangère ?

Learning a foreign language is not only about mastering vocabulary and grammar, but also about immersing yourself in the culture of the speakers of that language. It gives you an insight into the traditions of others and their way of thinking. This is very useful if you plan to study abroad. Furthermore, being familiar with the foreign culture also helps in business negotiations, because you understand your interlocutor better. Moreover, learning a foreign language will allow you to discover a new way of life. Indeed, during the courses or during an immersion, students integrate new ways of thinking and new behaviours.


An asset for travel

Learn a foreign language | apprendre une langue étrangère

In the same way as discovering a new culture, developing your language skills will also provide you with enough travel opportunities. Indeed, in order to benefit from certain scholarships abroad, you need to be proficient in a foreign language. For example, for some scholarships, fluency in English is often required. On the other hand, speaking a foreign language may enable you to live or work in another country. Have you always dreamed of living near a beautiful beach or getting into an American university?

Foreign languages can help you make these dreams come true. It is also important to mention that you might get lucky and find your dream job or partner while travelling abroad. Besides, in order to benefit from cheap transport, accommodation or food services, it is important to understand the official language of your host country. If you don’t speak this language, a perfect understanding of English will enable you to communicate easily abroad.


Gaining self-confidence

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If you are willing to learn a foreign language, you will realize how much more confident you will be. The more you understand a foreign language, the more motivated you will be to learn it. Moreover, you will receive many compliments from other people. Native speakers will be impressed by your skills and happy that you speak their language. Don’t worry, no one expects you to have perfect grammar and fluency! You’ll get a lot of positive feedback when you apply your newly acquired knowledge. This will embolden you to tackle other projects that you may not have dared to do before.


Getting to know your own mother tongue

Why should we learn a foreign language | Pourquoi devrions-nous apprendre une langue étrangère ?

When you learn a foreign language, it also has an impact on your understanding of your mother tongue. In fact, you will get a better understanding of how your own language is structured. As long as you do not come into contact with a foreign language, you do not need to analyse your own. By studying a foreign language, you will learn to express your thoughts in your mother tongue and in your foreign language. This will enable you to identify nuances of meaning and ambiguities.

It is therefore important to learn to speak a foreign language. Moreover, as English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, mastering it has many advantages. At LMS, we offer practical face-to-face and distance learning courses in English communication. We hope you have enjoyed this article. If you are interested in learning English, please do not hesitate to drop us a comment or contact coach DJOMAKI directly at +22964627070 (Whatsapp or direct call). We will be pleased to help you.

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