There is no real secret, the consistency and effectiveness of your marketing communication are essential for your business.

• A good state of mind
This is the starting point without which you will not be able to focus on your subject. It’s with this good spirit that your communication will best disseminate the values of your company and therefore your message.

• To whom?
Be well in phase with your target, you must know and master it to give them the best satisfaction. It’s important to target because you will not be able to have a consistent speech for all.

• What?
This is the question that will define your action. What do I propose to my target?
The rule of 4 ‘P’ (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) must allow you to pack your offer, your service clearly and succinctly. With the cultural, economic, and digital evolution, marketing must adapt and now includes a 5th ‘P’ for People.
This human aspect is very important because it will create social, relationship with your target.
In this “what”, don’t neglect yourself; your product / service is also YOU.

• My difference
How do you stand out from your competition? It’s your market positioning that must be reflected in order to show your customer that the solution to his problem is YOU.
The answer to this question must reassure your target, YOU alone have the necessary expertise and YOU must be convinced!

• How? ‘or’ What?
You will need to structure your message to better disseminate it, to the greatest number. This is how your transformation will succeed.
Your communication must attract, to generate interest and trigger the purchase that your customer will be satisfied. This satisfaction will naturally result in the loyalty of your customer.

There is no one way to do it, but essential tools to properly focus your communication. It’s totally relative to your target, your positioning, and your added value.
The bottom as much as the form, don’t neglect the layout and the visual of your message.


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