Abomey-Calavi (not to be confused with Abomey) is a city in southern Benin, capital of the town of the same name. It’s located at 18 kilometers in the north of Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin. With more than 600,000 inhabitants in 2013, it’s the second most populous municipality in Benin, just behind Cotonou.
It is extended over 539 km2 near Cotonou, and is bounded on the south and west by a lagoon, on the east by Lake Nokoué.

Founded in the 17th century, it was an extension of Abomey and the Kingdom of Dahomey. It was established near Cotonou in order to facilitate trade.
According to the general census of 2013, the population of the municipality would be 656,358 inhabitants. The city knows a strong demographic growth because of the exodus of Cotonou people who prefer its tranquility and the more economic access to the land.

It is subdivided into nine (09) districts (Godomey, Calavi, Togba, Akassato, Hêvié, Ouèdo, Golo-Djigbé, Zinvié, Kpanroun), themselves dismembered in one hundred and forty-nine (149) villages and city districts.
The city dormitory quality for executives, students and operators has made Calavi, a cosmopolitan city where several ethnic groups from different regions live together in harmony. This is the concrete illustration of the Commune-Nation, where religious freedom, acceptance of the other, are the things best shared, despite the strong propensity for endogenous religions in this noble city.

In terms of business, Agriculture still occupies an important place today by the creation of modern production farms alongside working-class crops, markets and market gardening, pineapple and papaya … Calavi also benefits from a flourishing of service and banking operators. Although embryonic, the installation of industrial structures indicates the dynamism of the economic activities of the municipality.

In terms of culture and tourism, there are several tourist sites on the territory of the Commune Abomey-Calavi: a green city, livable. With its Dock that will benefit from a special program of redevelopment, Calavi will remain a pleasant passage with a thousand tourist highlights, towards the great attraction that represents the lake village of Ganvié in So Ava.

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