Benin is a developing country with much potential in its economic future. With the renewal of its tourism industry, the growth of entrepreneurship and its ever-successful agricultural sector, there are many business opportunities for local and international investors in Benin.



Tourism is an already renowned sector with much expected growth in Benin. Benin is already home to known tourist attractions like its beautiful beaches, historical attractions (ex: The Temple of Pythons in Ouidah) and its cultural museums. However, the recent return of historical artefacts by the French government promises to elevate tourism in Benin to new heights. Indeed, we are living in a time when more and more people globally are taking an interest in Beninese culture. This is evidenced by the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of the story of the Agodjiés. This has the power to considerably increase the number of tourists visiting Benin in the future. To accommodate this growth, more businesses and new jobs in retail and hospitality will need to be created.



Entrepreneurship is another sector with lots of growth potential in Benin. In effect, many members of the Beninese diaspora are coming back home and opening businesses in the hospitality, retail and crafts industries. They are bringing back the skills and experiences acquired abroad to invest in their country. This is promising to observe given the major concern caused by brain drain in other developing countries. Nonetheless, it is important to note that given the current global economic climate and the relative newness of some of those enterprises, only time will tell if those businesses will actually be sustainable.

Furthermore, following the Covid-19 pandemic and the advent of the digital age, space has been created for a different kind of entrepreneurship: freelancing. Indeed, many individuals have realized the shortcomings of the corporate world and have thus taken it upon themselves to become their own “bosses”. Some are using their formal education while others are supplementing it by self-training using the internet. The result is a multitude of individuals promoting themselves and selling services in digital marketing, design or web development to name a few. While some are selling their services online and attracting global clients, others are establishing themselves as experts in their fields right here in Benin (for instance, in the fashion or photography industries).


Business opportunities in Benin

Benin has always been known as a leader in the agricultural sector and that shows no sign of changing soon. It has optimal weather conditions and plenty of unexploited, farmable land which are favorable conditions for the development of organic agriculture. This allows Benin to continue to meet global demand for crops such as cotton, maize, rice and shea amongst others. Moreover, the continued growth of production in key sectors shows potential for the creation of new units and plants in the agribusiness and agrifood sectors.

With a flourishing tourism industry, a growing, intellectually diverse base of entrepreneurs and a booming agricultural sector, there are endless business opportunities in Benin for investors to choose from.



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