What is LMS Cash?

LMS Cash is an online affiliate marketing service set up by LMS to:

1-contribute, in general, to the fight against poverty, to the reduction of the unemployment rate, and in particular to the daily expenses of the members of its programs by distributing the expenses related to advertising in the form of commissions;

2-facilitate the promotion of its products and services.

LMS Cash is linked to the various services and products of LMS and its partners as well as to various personal and professional development programs.


Difference between Affiliate Marketing and MLM/Network Marketing/Relational Marketing

1-Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing method that allows companies to promote their products and services. This sales concept is characterized by a success-based commission that is paid by the seller. As a result, companies can seek out affiliates – business partners – who advertise to them through affiliate links generated on their behalf with the marketing support of the seller. The advertising is done by the seller, so the affiliate is actually the intermediary medium.  Example: LMS is doing an English course at 200 000F, being a member of the LMS affiliates, you send your affiliate link that LMS has made available to you to a friend who is looking for such a course, he registers via your link and pays, and LMS gives you 20 000F or 50 000F for facilitating his sale.


2-MLM/Network Marketing/Relational Marketing

The definition of network marketing is selling through a network of resellers (sometimes called Ambassadors, advisors…) who sell to their contacts near or far, with the possibility for them to sponsor other sellers in exchange for a cumulative commission on sales.

Network Marketing is often associated with MLM (Multi Level Marketing), i.e. Multi-Level Marketing (or tiered selling).

The principle of MLM is a little different, as sellers form and sponsor affiliates (other sellers who will sell the products) through which they earn a percentage of the sales made. So there is a notion of a “pyramid” with sponsors at several levels.

The MLM suffers in this sense from a bad reputation, because often only the highest sponsors earn money, while the sellers at the lower levels earn very little.


How does LMS Cash work?

Within 24 hours, the finance team sends you 2% (free subscription) of the annual membership fee paid by each new paid subscription through your link, by the means of your choice, all the time it is renewed. On the other hand, you earn 10% to 30% commission if you have chosen a paid subscription.

In addition, every 24 hours, you receive 2% (free subscription) and 10% to 30% (paid subscription) commission on any other product or service found on the LMS website and purchased through your other links.

It should be noted that in addition to the marketing techniques that are revealed to you, Marketing messages to be personalized are made available to you by the LMS Marketing team to make your job easier.


How are the commissions paid?

The percentage of the commission varies according to your subscription as follows:

Free of charge: 2%.

Basic: 10%.

Regular: 15%.

Premium: 20%.

Gold: 30%.


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