How to obtain a student visa for France ?

How to obtain a student visa for France ? | Comment obtenir un visa d'étudiant pour la France ?

Many learners dream of studying abroad to have a new experience. Are you planning to study at a French university? There are several types of student visas for France. Indeed, depending on the duration of your studies or your home country, you will get one of these visas. Here is how to apply for a student visa for France by yourself and reduce the risk of a refusal.


Different types of student visa for France

student visa for France | visa d'étudiant pour la France

Unlike European Union nationals, students who wish to study in France must have a residence permit or visa. In fact, if you are willing to study in France, you can apply for a long-stay visa, which is valid as a residence permit. It is valid for a period of 4 months to 1 year. Ideal for bachelor and master studies, it must be validated once the student is in the host country. With this visa, after 1 year of study, you must apply for a temporary residence permit valid for 1 year. Also, the visa must be marked «étudiant» (student).

If your studies last only 4 to 6 months, it is recommended that you apply for a temporary long-stay visa. Furthermore, it’s important to point out that this visa cannot be renewed. Another visa valid in France is the long stay visa marked «Passeport Talent» (Talent Passport). As far as trainees are concerned, they must also have a long stay passport, but marked «stagiaire» (trainee). However, if your studies are of short duration, you need a short stay student visa for France. This is a type C visa marked «étudiant court séjour» (short stay student).


What documents do you need to apply for a visa

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To apply for a student visa, you will need to provide certain documents. These include 2 ICAO-size passport photos and a passport. At least two blank pages must be in the passport. To apply for a long-stay visa, your passport must be valid for at least three months after the expiration of the visa. You must also provide your personal information, travel insurance and a certified copy of your bachelor’s degree and university diplomas.

In addition, to be eligible to apply for a student visa for France, you must provide the certificate of pre-registration from the French higher education institution that accepts you. Apart from these files, the completed and signed visa application form as well as proof of accommodation are required for the visa application. Also, proof of financial resources is required for both non-scholarship and scholarship students. To these documents, you must add the France-Visa receipt.


Steps to apply for a student visa for France

How to obtain a student visa for France ? | Comment obtenir un visa d'étudiant pour la France ?

Applying for a student visa for France is done in five different steps. The first step is to access the official platform of visas for France to learn more about the visa that best suits your stay. This site has a visa wizard that will help you find out what documents you must provide with your application and the associated fees. The second step is to fill out the online application form. To do so, you must create a personal account using your email address.

Then you can save your form, validate it and print it. After that, you will proceed to the third step, which is to make an appointment. Once this is done, on the agreed date, you will go to the French embassy or consulate in your country to deposit the files. Nowadays, you can also drop off your application at the collection centres. It is important to bear in mind that when you apply for a visa, you will have to pay the visa fee.

For example, long-stay student visas cost 50 euros for nationals of countries where there is an EEF procedure.  However, students from countries that do not have the EEF procedure pay 99 euros for the same type of visa. When submitting your application, your biological identifiers will be collected. As for the last step, it consists of following up your application and collecting your passport.

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