Dear friend,

Thank you for choosing to start this journey with me. You might ask yourself what the main reason behind this program is, right?

In fact, facing many life challenges, I decided to discover what life really is, what I was doing wrong and how I could fix it to enjoy better life. People say: ‘Knowledge is power; readers are leaders.’ Based on this, I decided to start reading all books I had bought and kept in my library for long without even going through their introduction, as if they had not been intended for reading. I also started downloading E-books I believe could help me achieve my goal, i.e. enjoy a better life. And, indeed, I discovered so many things that I have made up my mind to share with you through the Better Life Seekers Club program.

By the way, I am a single child married man, blessed with two daughters. Besides, I am born to unwealthy parents. This is to let you imagine what I meant by “facing challenges” and how crucial seeking for a better life was for me. If you wish to know more about me, you can visit my Linkedin or Facebook page.

For me, enjoying a better life depends on some main aspects including: love, career, wealth, health and spirituality indeed. However, I have decided not to deal with spirituality as part of this program as I think it is more related to religion and our personal relation with the Creator of heaven and earth, no matter what you call Him.

In this section, I am going to focus on the Principles of work (professional life) beside the Principles of Wealth, the principles of Love, the principles of life, health, and entrepreneurship.

What do we call Principle?

On the one hand, the Cambridge Dictionary defines Principle as a basic idea or rule that explain or controls how something happens or works. On the other hand, Wikipedia defines it as a proposition or value that is a guide for behavior or evaluation. You can read more about it here.

Based on these two definitions, though there are many others, I can define Principles of work as basic ideas or rules that explain or control how things work to enjoy your professional life, or values that are a guide for behavior or evaluation in connection with professional life.

With this said, let’s get to business. I hope you will get solutions or answers to your various concerns or challenges as you read the different principles of work I discovered and have decided to share with you through the Better Life Seekers Club.


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