After graduating from high school, many people want to study abroad. However, it is important to understand the education system of each country in order to make a good choice. In addition, you should consider the advantages that each foreign country offers. Are you planning to study in the United States or in Europe? Find out in this article why you should choose to study either in the US or in Europe.

Studying in the US

Studying in the US

The number of new baccalaureate holders opting for American universities has increased in recent years. What could be the reason for this?

Prestigious universities

One of the best destinations for a complete training is the United States. In the first few semesters, students take wide range of lectures before specializing. They also benefit from extracurricular activities. For the follow-up of students, American universities employ several guidance counsellors. They also offer research and internship opportunities.


On the other hand, American universities have an international reputation and offer excellent study conditions. In these universities, the student-teacher ratio is not high. In addition, their teaching is of high quality. This guarantees better career opportunities for their students worldwide. Furthermore, due to the fact that their students often win the Nobel Prize, American universities are the most popular in the world. 


In the United States, education is generally commercial. Thus, in American universities, research institutions are primarily considered to be service providers for students. As a result, the best possible training and full range of services are guaranteed for students. Besides, there is more customized support.


Language and intercultural skills

Study in the US or in Europe?

Studying in the USA is also very beneficial for acquiring English language skills and developing intercultural skills. Indeed, lectures and seminars are often given by English speakers. In addition, whether you are in class, in the street or with your classmates and friends, you will be obliged to speak English. Thus, you will improve your language skills because you will be speaking it every day. 


Being a student in the USA also offers the opportunity to acquire or improve intercultural skills. The fact that these states are multicultural implies that you will learn cultural empathy. It’s also worth mentioning that those who become familiar with the American business culture have good chances in the labour market. 

Studying in Europe

Studying in Europe

European universities’ academic excellence makes some of them the most reputable worldwide.

Learning theory and practice

Whereas some universities study mainly theory, European universities emphasize practice. For example, students of applied sciences in Europe do practical courses. Apart from written exams, they put their knowledge into practice through internships. In addition, they attend conferences given by professionals who share their experience with them.

Affordable tuition fees

In Europe, education is of paramount importance and the government provides financial support to the sector. Consequently, tuition fees are considerably lower in Europe than in America. This allows many students to be able to afford their tuition fees and receive a quality education. There are additional fees for non-EU students, but you won’t have to pay too much. One advantage of these European universities is that most of them offer courses in English.

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