The image refers to English/French words called False FriendsEnglish/French False Friends – Part 1

What do we call False Friends and why are they important to know?

English/French False friends are two words from English and French languages which are similar in form but do not have the same meaning. In case you wish to learn more about False Friends, you can get more information about them on Wikipedia or on Cambridge Dictionary. In fact, they can be easily confused. And, unfortunately, there are no specific rules to know them. The only way to avoid confusion when it comes to False Friends is to have their list available to you and learn them. Nevertheless, not only should you learn but you should also practise lest you might forget. Therefore, we recommend to entrust your translation services with a professional translator or a translation agency. If you want to learn more about the importance or translation agencies from, just click here to have access to one of our blogs in this regard.

After making some research on the following sites including Wordreference, Larousse, Anglais Facile, and Anglissisme, we have decided to share with you a hundred plus English / French False Friends. However,  they are not to be all included in a single blog lest the blog might be too long. That’s why, there will be four articles in this respect. This is the first of them and it contains twenty (20) English / French false friends.

From now on, don’t you ever confuse again the following:

Group 1: English words starting with A

  • To Achieve = Accomplir/Réaliser

          Achever = To finish/To complete

  • Ability = Aptitude

         Habileté = Skill

  • To abuse = Insulter

          Abuser = To take advantage

  • To accomodate = Héberger/loger

          Accommoder = To prepare/Adapt

  • Actually = En réalité/En fait

         Actuellement = Currently/Presently/At present/At the moment

  • Affluence = Richesse

          Affluence = Rush

  • Agenda = Ordre du jour

          Agenda = Diary/Datebook/Calendar (sur ordinateur)

  • To attend = Participer/Prendre part à/Assister à

          Attendre = Wait


Group 2: English Words starting with B

  • A Balance = Un solde/Un équilibre

          Une balance = A scale/A libra (horoscope)

  • To Balance = Equilibrer

          Balancer = To swing/To rock

  • Bio = Biographie

          Bio = Organic

  • Blouse = Chemisier

          Blouse = Overalls/lab coat

  • Bribe = Pot-de-vin

          Bribe = Scrap


Group 3: English Words starting with C

  • Camera = Appareil photo

          Caméra = Video camera

  • Caution = Prudence

          Caution = Guarantee

  • Car = Voiture

          Car = Bus

  • Cave = Grotte

          Cave = Cellar

  • Character = Personnage

          Caractère = Nature/Personality

  • Chair = Chaise/Président (d’une séance, d’une institution, d’un comité, etc)

          Chair = Flesh

  • To charge = Facturer/ Faire payer

          Charger = To load



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